Zach Post #2 – Millennium Villages Project

Millennium Villages Project – Gumulita, Malawi

Main concepts of factors of good news in Africa according to Radelet are More democratic government, good economic policies, relationships with the international community, new technologies for business and politics, and a new generation of business leaders.

I am exploring the Gumulira, Malawi village. The Gumulira village is a village on the east side of Africa in the Sub-Saharan with a population of about 7,000 people. One goal for Gumulira is to use their fertilizer program to help with the farming to bring higher yields of crops, the main occupation of Gumulira is farming. Some other goals include finishing building their health center, have better hygiene to have a cleaner place, and to gain better access to more clean water. Great successes have came from Gumulira, a HIV group has set up a way for some members to take on business adventures, access to clean water has doubled, and have two health centers located nearby. GDP has greatly increased in Malawi from 2003-2011 and has dropped a bit in 2013. Life expectancy has gone up from 49 years old in 2006, to about 63 years old as of 2014. Malawi is a very low income nation and in one of the poorest.screen-shot-2017-01-31-at-6-04-08-pm



Some people criticize Millennium Villages Project because “It has soaked up large sums of money — the original seed money was $120 million — which its critics believe could have been better used on more targeted, less grandiose forms of aid.” (Nocera, NYTimes 2013). “gain and again she saw him move the goalposts or seek additional funding rather than admit that he was failing — that he and the 29 other academics who wrote the Millennium Villages Handbook had been unable to anticipate all the social and environmental complexities at work in even the smallest of villages. “To a large extent,” Munk writes, “the success of the Millennium Villages Project depended on Sachs’ idea of progress”” (Standard Pacific 2016) .As we can see some people believe that they were moving their goals around to get more money and that the only way to judge if the goal was met is that it met up to Sachs’ idea of the goals. It’s changeling to see if the Millennium Villages Project is helping villages to get out of poverty. It seems that it is helping in some aspects but only time can really tell if the village is going to get out of poverty.


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