Zach Post #9 – Escaping Syria, Islam and The West

My assessment of The Dispossessed article is that it is a great article for telling about how the refugees are being treated and the reasons why they are leaving their home country.  Islam plays a small role as that the Islamic State is threatening them, but this is really just a group of bad people that are trying to take over a country to make it theirs.

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 4.23.56 PM.pngThe comic also does a wonderful job of showing the situation that the refugees are in as they are trying to reach a country that will take them in and watch out for them. The comic really showed in a good about of detail the problems endured on the trip to Germany. It showed the emotions of how people felt about missing their family, problems with money, afraid of getting caught and what would happen to them if they did get caught.

The film My Escape is a really emotional film to watch. It shows the hard path to getting to be free, the things that people had to do to get freedom amazes me. Freedom to me is just a given right and to these people it is not, it makes me really think how good we live our lives.

The story of Intercultural Confrontation from Islam and the West: Narratives of Conflict and Conflict Transformation by Nathan Funk and Abdul Said is about how people in America and people in Middle East view each other in negative ways.  “Muslims and Westerners who narrate the story of confrontation seek to place Islamic-Western relations within an “us versus them” framework that posits continuous historical antagonism from the rise of Islam in the seventh century to the present day” (6 Funk & Said). This is a problem between Muslims and Westerners, they are contrasting each other (Muslim vs. Westerner) instead they should be comparing us (how we are the same).

The Story also talks about how people form their views and where they come from. “Like Western ideas about the Muslim Middle East, the images have at least a provisional basis in reality, but are often more representative of Hollywood than of day-to-day life” (6 Funk & Said). This is the problem, people are not actually seeing what is going on in their day to day lives, they are only seeing what Hollywood or the “media” is showing them. This is what they want you to believe even if it is not true.

The story of Intercultural compatibility from Islam and the West: Narratives of Conflict and Conflict Transformation by Nathan Funk and Abdul Said is about how people in America and people in the Middle East are similar and how they could better understand each other. “alternatives to narratives of confrontation exist, and have found expression in Western and Middle Eastern Muslim consciousness alike… Insofar as both the West and Islam partake in a common human heritage of “civilization,” they share many values which provide a basis for understanding and cooperation” (15 Funk & Said). There are values that are shared such as learning, peace, and human dignity. “Islam and the West are dangerously out of touch with each other, and misperceptions and mistrust have led to an ever-deepening estrangement” (20 Funk & Said).  This is another main problem, that we really don’t know each other and that if continue this path we will grow farther apart. This cannot happen because we must know one another before we can say something about each other. People from the Middle East are people, just like people from the West are just people. People are people and everyone should be respected as such.


Nathan C. Funk and Abdul Aziz Said. Islam and the West: Narratives of Conflict and Conflict Transformation. From:


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